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Making the most of your money

Are there things you want to buy, for example:

And in the future do you want to:

Joining Save By The Bell can help you do these things as it gives you the chance to start saving for things you want now and in the future. Save By The Bell is a savings club that is run in some Dundee schools. If you open a savings account with Save By The Bell you can save as much or little as you like. You can put money in your savings account using your Discovery Card (the one you use for school lunches).

To withdraw your money you need to complete a withdrawal slip and return to the Save By The Bell office (you will receive details in your starter pack). You will then receive a cash payable cheque which you can take to any bank. This means that the money can be withdrawn straight away. You will need some identification. It can take a few days for you to receive your cheque.

You can also be involved in running the savings club and learn skills for the future, which will look good on your job and college applications.

How to join Save By The Bell

You can download an application form from this website. If you are a new saver, click the link New Saver Application Form

If you already have an account from primary school, you will need permission from your parent/ sponsor to transfer any monies to your new secondary school account. Current Saver Transfer Application Form

Or you can pick up an application form at your school. To find out who you should contact go to the schools section

Once you have completed the correct application form, you can either email it over to info.savebythebell@dundeecity.gov.uk, hand it into your school, or post it to our address shown on the contact page.

Questions you might have for those new to Save By The Bell.

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