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Grow your own money tree.

What do you do with your pocket money and birthday money? Do you save it or spend it all straight away?

Would you like to be able to save for bigger things, for example, a play station, new clothes, or a present for someone's birthday?

Then why not ask the person that looks after you if you can join Save By The Bell.

Maybe your parent, grandparent or guardian will help you save if you show them that you’re trying to save money.

Save By The Bell lets you open your own savings account at your school. Once a week a savings point is set up and you can save as little or as much as you like – even 20p a week.

And do you know that people who start saving when there young are much better at saving when they are adults. Meaning that you could save to buy a car, flat or new clothes in the future.

You could also help run Save By The Bell in your school by becoming one of tellers. These are the pupils who collect the money.

How to join?

Click on the name of your school to find out how you can get a form. This form must be completed by the person that looks after you and either handed back to your school or sent to the Save By The Bell office.

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