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Questions you might have about Save By The Bell

How much do I have to save every week?

You can save as little or as much as you like.

How can I get a hold of the money I've saved?

If you are at primary school you need the permission of the person who looks after you. Secondary school pupils just need to complete a withdrawal form.

Do I have to tell you why I want to take money out my savings account?

No, the money is yours.

How do I get involved in helping to run Save By The Bell?

Go to your school's page and find out the teacher to contact at your school.

Save By The Bell is not run at my school – can I still open a savings account?

Yes, you can open a junior savings account with Discovery Credit Union Ltd. The credit union has a number of collection points in Dundee where you can pay money into your savings account.

What happens when I leave the school?

If you are leaving primary school and going to a secondary school that runs Save By The Bell you can continue to save.

If your new school is not involved with Save By The Bell, you can move your savings to a junior savings account with Discovery Credit Union who are in charge of Save By The Bell.

When you leave secondary school you can move your savings to Discovery Credit Union. And once your are 18 you may be able to borrow money at a very good rate of interest. Or you can just withdraw all your money.

Do I make money on my savings?

Yes, you will be paid interest on your savings. Interest rates change every year and Save By The Bell's interest is in line with High Street Banks and Building Societies.


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