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Information about Save By The Bell for Parents and Teachers.

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Welcome, Parents and Teachers.

Because money doesn’t grow on trees!

Money management is an important skill for adult life. Too often, an understanding of saving and borrowing is learnt the hard way.

Save By The Bell wants to develop financial understanding, an awareness of money management and encourage the habit of saving in young people.

Supported by Dundee City Council and Discovery Credit Union Ltd, Save By The Bell runs savings clubs in a number of primary and secondary schools in Dundee.

A savings point is set up once a week in the primary school where pupils can put money in their account. Pupil volunteers act as tellers. They receive training to do this and are supervised and supported by an adult. This is something the pupils enjoy and they learn new skills.

How your son or daughter can join Save By The Bell.

If your son or daughter is at primary school, pick up an application form from your child’s school or download a form here download form

Once you complete the application, including a signed consent, you can either post the form to: contact details or you can hand the form into the school office.

  1. Once Save By The Bell receives the completed application form, the saver’s identity is confirmed with the school.
  2. The saver will then receive a starter pack through their school. This contains a savings card with their personal account number, deposit and withdrawal slips, and a gift. Once the starter pack has been received, the saver can start saving at their school.
  3. Pupils at secondary school can complete their own form to join Save By The Bell

Commonly asked questions about Save By The Bell

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